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Fontanassa Winery, a 16th century fortified farmhouse, is owned by our family since 12/31/1921, when my great-grandfather Citu bought it. Since that date, for three generations, Fontanassa has always had a wine destination, so Gemme brothers grew up with peasant culture and peasants life.

Due to the climate of certain vintages, our cultivation can’t be a biological production, but by working personally the vineyards we respect nature as much as possible. For example, fertilization is done exclusively with cattle and horse dung.

In 1988, we start our collaboration with the winemaker Gaspare Buscemi, so we started to bottle a part of our production, having as a principle: “only big grapes can make a great wines”.

Our wine is alive. No chemical product is added (although allowed); dreg removal and stabilization are carried out only with long periods in cold ambient; selected yeasts, that can change the original characteristics of the grapes ,are not used. After the wine is left on its yeasts, only one filtration is carried out at the time of bottling.

In the production of artisan wine there are no defined times, but the characteristics of the wine are the real protagonists.

Our wines, after having undergone malolactic fermentation, are stable and therefore don’t require excessive doses of sulphites (70/80 mg / l of SO2).

Marco Gemme

Fontanassa s.s.

Frazione Rovereto, 172
15066 Gavi (AL) – Italy
Phone 0143 64.54.55
Mobile 338 6759527

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